About Us

English language acts as bridge connecting us to the world as we are heading to a globalized world. We, at The English Counsel, coach students for IELTS and PTE. Our methodology and weekly mock tests enable students to face the tests with confidence and ease. It is no wonder that majority of our students come out in flying colours. At The English Counsel, with our well constructed teaching-learning material, we leave no stone unturned to guide you throughout your journey to a better future.

Our sole aim is to provide training and guidance par excellence in language proficiency tests under one roof. We have a team of expert trainers, wide range of study material, and reference material to train our students. Hence, we can proudly say that we are the ultimate solution to all your requirements regarding international educational needs. We are in a continuous competition with our own self to provide nothing but the best of material, training, and guidance to our students.



"The limits of my language mean the limit of my World."- Ludwig Wittgenstein

English is one of the most widely spoken native language in the world, and in terms of sheer number of speakers, it is the most spoken official language in the world. It is the primary language used in international affairs. Hence, it is apt to call it the “Lingua-Franca” of the world and also an essential requirement for those who dream of an International experience, exposure and education.

Global qualification opens doors for a bright and promising future and Language proficiency tests like IELTS and PTE can help you live, study and work around the world, as more than 140 countries accept IELTS while PTE Academic is the dEnglish test recognized by universities, colleges and governments around the world.
The score obtained in both of these can be used as a proof of your English ability for university and college admissions or as part of a visa application.

IELTS/PTE does not aim to test your knowledge of the language but how well you use the language. And Team The English COUNSEL is here to make you confident and savoir-faire.

Proficiency in English language immediately opens up opportunities, and being able to communicate with peers and colleagues will provide you a more challenging position in your career. And we at The English COUNSEL are helping aspirants attain their career goals. We are here to help learners improve their language skills: Listening, Speaking, Reading, and Writing.

Our mission is to provide the non-native speakers with the necessary skills to face the challenges of the globalized world.