Time Management

All time management begins with planning.

Do you often feel stressed out because you are not able to manage your time while preparing for exam? Time is undoubtedly one of your greatest tools for success in exams like IELTS and PTE where all the modules are supposed to be completed within the given/allotted time periods, and here you truly can't afford not to use it wisely.

In simple words, time management means consciously knowing how much time you should put and spend on a specific activity or question type. Learning how to manage your time gives you a laser focus on the most important things.

Time in exam hall is one of the key factors on how well you score. Besides proper preparation and study for exam, it is important to manage time in exam. All the language proficiency tests though are designed to assess your language still defer in their requirement to write, describe the subjects and even the time factors which affects the scoring. Time management is important in IELTS as well as PTE.

IELTS and time management: The IELTS Reading module requires the test-taker to read three passages and answer 40 questions in 60 minutes. Test-taker can work at his/her own pace. But how much time should he/she be spending on reading and how much time on answering the questions? IELTS writing Module requires test-taker to complete two writing tasks within the given time limit.

PTE and time management: Our day long reading orientation for both IELTS and PTE, will help you how to identify different question types and also be instrumental in learning how to locate and find answers in the given time period. The same pattern would be followed in the classroom during the training and preparation sessions classes in order to make the student comfortable and confident about his/her time management skills. Own your growth and your schedule.